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Val Scully

Molly's Progress     

Research for Molly Bowes took me in all kinds of unexpected directions.  I set out to tell the story of nineteenth-century Gibside and the Bowes Museum through the adventures of one of the children born to Stoney Bowes in debtors' prison. But it grew like Topsy, taking Molly from the Peterloo Massacre to Crowley's Crew, Joseph Cowen and Tyneside radicalism, to Garibaldi and European political plots!  Much of the story draws on the amazing and fascinating international connections of the area where I live.

Below is a series of links and references to books I used in the research. The order in which they appear is dictated by Molly's story.  


London 1797 - 1815

Stoney Bowes in Prison  - an account by Jesse Foot.

The King's Bench Prison

Emma Hamilton

Williams, Kate.  England's Mistress:  The Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton. Arrow Books.  2006.


Thomas Bewick

 'With Bewick on my knee, then I was happy.' Jane Eyre and Molly both love Bewick!

Thomas Bewick's History of British Birds

Uglow, Jenny.  Nature's Engraver.  Faber. 2006

The Bewick Society


Manchester and the Peterloo Massacre

Belchem, John.  Manchester, Peterloo and the Radical Challenge
Reid, Robert.  The Peterloo Massacre.

The Peterloo Memorial Campaign

Location of St Peter's Fields.


The Quakers

The Quaker Peace Testimony

The Quaker Tapestry

Craven, Ann.  Elizabeth Spence Watson.  N923/8j.  Lit & Phil - Librarian’s Room

Holton, S.Stanley.  Quaker Women 1780-1930.  Lit & Phil - 289.6/25

Raitrick, Arthur.  Two centuries of Industrial Welfare.  London Quaker Lead Company. 1692-1905.  Lit & Phil  James Knott Local N622/3

Lloyd, Humphrey.  The Quaker Lloyds in the Industrial Revolution. Lit & Phil - 929.2/85

Sansbury, Ruth.  Beyond the Blew Stone:  300 Years of Quakers in Newcastle. 1998.


Stanhope and the Lead Routes

Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project

Blaydon and the Lead Industry

Forbes, Ian.  Images of Industry.


Shotley Bridge and Sword-making

Booklet:  Shotley Bridge History by the Shotley Bridge Village Trust, 2016. £3.  

Shotley Bridge German Swordmakers

The Origin of Rapper Dancing

Film of rapper dancing in Winlaton in 1928


Derwentcote and the Iron & Steel-makers

Ironmasters of the Derwent Valley

Time Team at Derwentcote

Marrs, Hylton.  Gibraltar to the Tyne.  2007


Gibside and Streatlam

Faulkner, Thomas (ed) Northern Landscapes:  representations and realities of north-east England.  Boydell Press 2010

Wills, Margaret.  Gibside and the Bowes family. The Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne. 1995

Moore, Wendy.  Wedlock.  Orion Books.  2009

Arnold, Ralph.  The Unhappy Countess.  Constable.  1993

Parker, Derek.  The Trampled Wife.  Sutton.  2006.


The Delaval Family of Seaton Delaval

Green, Martin.  The Delavals:  a family history.  Powdene Publicity Ltd

Askham, Francis.  The Gay Delavals.  Jonathan Cape.  1955

Powell, Roger.  Royal Sex.  Amberley. 2013

Gould, Elspeth.  Delaval Delvings - the writings of the volunteer research group

Delaval Papers.  Lit & Phil N929/24a

Newcastle in the Early Nineteenth Century

Oliver, Thomas.  New Picture of Newcastle Upon Tyne. 1831

Grundy, John.  History of Newcastle. Tyne Bridge Publishing. 2016

The Transformation of Newcastle by Grainger and Dobson


The Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne

Parish, Charles.  The Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne:  The Building and development of its Library 1793-1986.  1987.

Watson, Robert Spence.  The History of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (1793-1896) Walter Scott Ltd.  1897.

The History of the Lit & Phil

The Lit & Phil


Art in C19th Newcastle

The Northumberland Institution for the Promotion of Fine Arts

Usherwood, Paul.  Art for Newcastle:  Thomas Miles Richardson and the Newcastle Exhibitions 1822-1843.  Tyne and Wear County Council Museums. 1984

Laing Art Gallery.  Pre-Raphaelite Painters and Patrons in the North East.  Tyne & Wear Museums Service.  1989.

Elzea, Betty.  Frederick Sandys: A Catalogue Raisonne.  Antique Collectors'Club.  2001

Trevelyan, Raleigh.  A Pre-Raphaelite Circle.  Chatto & Windus.  1878.

Marsh, Jan.  Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood.  Quartet Books.  1985.

Northern Academy of Art

Thomas Sword Good  Bowes, Edwin.  In A Strong Light.

The Pre-Raphaelites


Winlaton, Swalwell and Crowley’s Crew - Tyneside Chartism

Flinn, M.W.  Men of Iron:  The Crowleys in the Early Iron Industry.  Edinburgh University Press.  1962

Neave, Nick and Lynn, Susan.  Blaydon and Winlaton Through Time.  Amberley Publishing.  2012

Winlaton and District Local History Society.  A History of Blaydon.  Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council.  1975.

Chartism on Tyneside

A British Revolution in C19th?

Lower Derwent Valley Timeline

The Butterfly Bridge

Films about Winlaton's Industrial Past by Digital Voice

The Tunnel in Winlaton


Blaydon, Joseph Cowen and the European connection

Winlaton and District Local History Society.  A History of Blaydon.  Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council.  1975.

Allen, Joan.  Joseph Cowen and Popular Radicalism on Tyneside 1829-1900 Merlin Press. 2007.

Todd, Nigel.  The Militant Democracy:  Joseph Cowen and Victorian Radicalism.  Bewick Press. 1991.

Jones, Evan Rowland.  The Life and Speeches of Joseph Cowen, MP.  Sampson Low.  1885
Cadogan, Peter.  Early Radical Tyneside.  Sagittarius Press of Consett.  1975.

The Cowen family

Joseph Cowen in a nutshell

Radical Tyneside

The Life and Speeches of Joseph Cowen M.P. by E.R.Jones

An Archaeological Survey of Blaydon Burn

Journal of the North East Labour History Society


Blaydon and the Lead Industry

Blaydon Then & Now

The History of the Dickie Bird Society A column in Joseph Cowen's Illustrated Chronicle to encourage children to be kind.


John Bowes, Paris and the Bowes Museum

Chapman, Caroline.  John & Josephine:  the Creation of the Bowes Museum.  The Bowes Museum  (2010)

Hardy, Charles.  John Bowes and the Bowes Museum.  Friends of the Bowes Museum.  (1989)

Mackenzie, E. & Ross, M.  An Historical, Topographical and Descriptive View of the County Palatine of Durham. (Newcastle, 1834) I, 195. 

The Silver Swan - click here to watch a video

The Bowes Museum